Intimate Anniversary Supper

Menu for 2

This type of service is my favorite.  I do what I do to satisfy, to make the diner an actor in the process, and watch them enjoy the fruits of our collective labors.  This is one interpretation of a menu that because of the context, is without bounds with regard to flexibility.  This one is pretty much hand written by the clients, based on thier mood, tastes, history, and the spirit of the occasion.

Roasted Tomato, Fresh Basil, and Cream Soup

Prawns Scampi

Rosemary-Garlic Grilled Rack of Lamb
with Port-Peppercorn Reduction

Pilaf with Garden Peas and Toasted Almonds

Garlic Butter Sauteed Haricot Verts

Hot Buttered Pumpernickel Rolls

Coeurs a la Creme with Raspberry Coulis

Oregon Pinot Nior