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Summer is making it's approach, so this series of recipes is designed to move us from the kitchen toward the outdoors, to enjoy the impending warm weather.

I've done a simple cut of meat two ways; one, Asian inspired, and the other Latin.  I included a couple of ideas for accompaniments, and to round it out, a dessert item.

I also wrote up a couple of recent projects, one in the bar, and one at the chef's table.

Very best wishes to you all for yet another memorable summer.  I'll see you in my travels.

I heard a wonderful story today, about living life well.  About not allowing opportunities to pass while waiting for something that never comes.  It was about a couple of friends, some French wine and a couple of glasses, and the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass after a wedding toast so that it can never be used for a less noble purpose.  It was about the value we place on things and how we define that purpose. 

In this case, the wine was elevated to a status that was above the lives it was a part of.  The first bottle in the story, a gift, was treated with such reverence that instead of being used to celebrate life, it sat untouched, waiting for the "special occasion" that would do it justice.  Instead, it witnessed death, and the loss of any chance for it to be enjoyed in the spirit the gift was given.  Ultimately, it went bad and was rendered undrinkable.  The subjects of the story evolved over time, and came to realize through their experiences as the storyteller put, that the best way to honor a great bottle of wine, is to drink it. 

Don't wait for the ideal time, such a thing is illusory.  It's not about the special nature of a thing, it's about the amazing nature of the moment it is experienced.  In his words, the wine glass is never as special as the wine that's in it, and neither are a special as the hand that's holding it. 

The moral:  Enjoy life, now.

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