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Matt's Grilled Corn

This one is a nod to my nephew. We put the basis for this together at a BBQ at my house during his last visit, trying to imitate the Mexican corn sold by the street vendors in Los Angeles. Together, this is where we landed.

Matt graduated this year and will be attending UNLV in the fall on a basketball scholarship. Congrats nephew!

fresh corn on the cob, unshucked



chili powder

queso fresco (available in Mexican markets) or
parmesan cheese

lime juice


Soak whole ears in water for an hour. Grill over medium hot coals until kernels are tender. The shucks will be nicely charred. Peel back shucks (when the corn is cooked the silk will come off easily along with it.) Dress with remaining ingredients, as desired, in the order listed.  Alternatively, the topping ingredients can be mixed to form a spread, although this reduces the interactive element as well as the ability of the diner to adjust the flavor to personal preferences.